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28 Feb - 10:35 am

Yes we fixed it

27 Feb - 10:00 pm

Thank you, just validated contest22. The solution checker seems to have been fixed.

27 Feb - 8:40 am

Yes several solutions are accepted of course. I will check one of your answers

26 Feb - 7:51 pm

No 500 error, but the solutions I'm submitting can be verified to be correct. It can't be that only one configuration is accepted, right? - as there are multiple correct configurations for each problem.

26 Feb - 5:54 pm

contest 22 is not concerned by the issue I found, and seems to be working (I suppose you don't have 500 error on this one ?). Your solutions are indeed rejected, but I did not check them yet

26 Feb - 3:25 pm

The validation for contest 22 also seems to be wrong (it's not accepting solutions that are clearly correct). I submitted bug report yesterday.

26 Feb - 9:59 am

Ok I fixed the issue It is higly possible that other challenges are impacted, so don't hesitate to tell meif you encounter this again. Thank you for reporting

26 Feb - 9:28 am

No I was wrong, it is server side. It looks like the validation script does not work anymore, for some reason I am trying to understand. I will keep you informed when it's fixed

26 Feb - 9:22 am

Actually I don't see any attempt from you in the logs. I see your variable request, but I don't see any solution sent. I would incriminate the python lib since nobody ever complained not beeing able to validate this chal, but it can be server side.

25 Feb - 10:43 pm

When I submit any solution to contest45 from Python library, there is an HTTP 500 Error. Must be a server-side parsing error?

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