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28 Feb - 10:35 am

Yes we fixed it

27 Feb - 10:00 pm

Thank you, just validated contest22. The solution checker seems to have been fixed.

27 Feb - 8:40 am

Yes several solutions are accepted of course. I will check one of your answers

26 Feb - 7:51 pm

No 500 error, but the solutions I'm submitting can be verified to be correct. It can't be that only one configuration is accepted, right? - as there are multiple correct configurations for each problem.

26 Feb - 5:54 pm

contest 22 is not concerned by the issue I found, and seems to be working (I suppose you don't have 500 error on this one ?). Your solutions are indeed rejected, but I did not check them yet

26 Feb - 3:25 pm

The validation for contest 22 also seems to be wrong (it's not accepting solutions that are clearly correct). I submitted bug report yesterday.

26 Feb - 9:59 am

Ok I fixed the issue It is higly possible that other challenges are impacted, so don't hesitate to tell meif you encounter this again. Thank you for reporting

26 Feb - 9:28 am

No I was wrong, it is server side. It looks like the validation script does not work anymore, for some reason I am trying to understand. I will keep you informed when it's fixed

26 Feb - 9:22 am

Actually I don't see any attempt from you in the logs. I see your variable request, but I don't see any solution sent. I would incriminate the python lib since nobody ever complained not beeing able to validate this chal, but it can be server side.

25 Feb - 10:43 pm

When I submit any solution to contest45 from Python library, there is an HTTP 500 Error. Must be a server-side parsing error?

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Liste des épreuves :: Mathématiques :: BMI & BFP (53)


ID : 53
Points : 9
Validations :
Page de l'épreuve
Reporter un bug


Dans le bus d'attirer les femmes sur µContest, nous avons décidé de nous ouvrir au monde de la diététique !! Ahah

Dans ce challenge, vous allez devoir calculer l'Indice de Masse Corporelle (IMC = BMI en Anglais), et l'Indice de Masse Grasse (IMG = BFP en Anglais) d'une personne pour laquelle nous vous donnons les caractéristiques suivantes :
  • La masse, en kg, dans la variable mass
  • La taille, en cm, dans la variable height
  • Le sexe, 0 si la personne est une femme, 1 sinon, dans la variable sex
  • L'age, dans la variable age

Les formules et interprétations sont faciles à trouver sur Internet, et n'hésitez pas à les utiliser sur vous :) !!

Voici un exemple :

mass = 76
height = 168
sex = 0
age = 26

Vous donne :

bmi = 26.927
bfp = 32.893


Nom Type Description
Variables à récupérer
massEntierintLa masse de l'individu en kg
heightEntierintSa taille en cm
sexEntierint0 si c'est une femme, 1 sinon
ageEntierintSon age
Variables à renvoyer
bmiRéelfloatSon indice de masse corporelle
bfpRéelfloatSon indice de masse grasse, en %